Sequencer BFS - S 20

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20 cues sequencer with external trigger and rechargable battery

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    We are evaluating into sell the global BFS S20 project, searching for someone that could acquire the entire project.

    Are you interested into it?

    Please contact us at:

    Sequencer BFS - S 20

    BFS - S 20 is the sequencer of BSF line.

    100% Made in Italy, S 20 is a sequencer with 20 cues, actived by external trigger, and it works with one rechargable Li-on batteriy. It is able to perform - accelerated/decelerated/constant -  sequencial programs, till to 0.05 sec time between 2 cues, that means that S 20 can fire 20 cues/ second, at maximum speed. You can also program a scripted show, simply assigning a specific time to a specific cue.

    You can use it with your firing system, just need to link S 20 to one of the cues of your firing system, whatever it is. (To check if your firing system is compatible with S 20, please control the compatibility table at the end of this page)

    Hand programming, it allows to save till 09 different programs, and firing it also in the same time ( multi sequencers ), or firing programs one after the other, with an internal timing.

    S 20 has got a semi-automatic trigger function: you can associate each program to a specific trigger-in impulse. In this way, you can fire the first program at the first impulse, the second program at the seconde impulse...till 9 different programs activated by 9 different impulses.

    S 20 has got a STEP BY STEP mode: you can fire 1 cue with 1 external impulse, another cue with the second impulse...from the first cue till the 20th cue. ( 1 cue per impulse ). You can fire in STEP by STEP mode trought multiple sequencers, in order to fire several cues per fire position.

    S 20 has got a special " Genius Test " function, that allows it to be recognized and detected by your firing system when you perform the general test, in order to be sure about continuity of trigger wired link. Moreover, TEST function allows you to test continuty of the cues of your S 20, as a classic firing system, depending on the program you want to fire.

    S 20 has got a SIM function, that allows you to simulate your saved programs before firing it, during your test.

    You can link till 4 modules each other, with USB port ( MASTER / SLAVE modes ), to obtain a single module with 40 / 60 / 80 firing cues!

    A special emergency STOP function, let you stop the sequencer if you need to stop a scripted show for safety reasons.

    S 20 external case is built in steel, and the mainboard inside are covered with a special resin to protect them by umidity.
    Its dimensions and design are projected to let you to secure it on your racks, arches or wheels.




    • Accelerated Sequentials
    • Constant Sequentials
    • Decelerated Sequentials
    • Multisequentials ( till 10 in the same time )
    • Step by Step mode
    • Semi-automatic mode
    • Manual programming for scripted shows (set a specific time for each cue)
    • STEP mode on multi-modules



    • 20 firing cues
    • Master / Slave mode  ( from 20 till 80 firing cues )
    • 09 different programs storable
    • Firing till 20 cues per second ( 20/sec. )
    • Internal clock to shift programs
    • External trigger
    • Removable battery
    • 09 semi-automatic programs storable
    • Step by Step mode


    Check and TEST:

    • Test of firing cues ( continuity test )
    • Remote external trigger TEST
    • LCD screen
    • Green and Red led for TEST check
    • Led for " ON " and " ARM " status
    • ARM button with safety timing ( electronic arming )
    • SIM button to simulate programs


    Cues voltage and Trigger input:

    • Firing cues voltage: 24V, 1,5 A
    • Firing cues power: 36W
    • Trigger voltage ( treshold voltage ): 9V
    • Trigger in maximum voltage: 80V



    • 1 rechargable Lion battery, 12V and 4800mah
    • extractable battery
    • External supply batteries from 6V till 18V ( 12V recommended )


    Material / Construction:

    • 100% Made in Italy
    • Steel external case
    • Metal connectors (Copper and Zinc + Chrome plating)
    • Lexan frontal panel
    • Umidity resistant and rain resistant
    • Mother board with special welds
    • Mother board with special resin treatment
    • Electronic  innovative engineering for extreme safety



    •  CE e RoHs certified




    Length= 36,5 cm
    Height= 5,2 cm
    Depth=  8,7 cm
    Height + electrical terminals= 7,2cm
    Length + anchoring supports= 40cm

    Weight= 1790g

    Construction material:

    Outer shell= steel

    Electrical terminals: Copper and Zinc + Chrome plating

    Front panel: Lexan 3M



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Sequencer BFS - S 20

Sequencer BFS - S 20

20 cues sequencer with external trigger and rechargable battery

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