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Wireless Re-Programmer

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Wireless Re-Programmer to update all COBRA modules.

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    Wireless Re-Programmer

    The COBRA wireless re-programmer is used to upgrade to the latest software releases on the 18R, 18R2, and 18M. In addition, the wireless re-programmer can be used to upload any custom software changes performed by COBRA specific to a customer's request. All software updates are fully serviced and supported by the COBRA team.
    All re-programming is 100% wireless, no need to open the systems. With our assistance, the process is as follows:
    1.                  Download and install the free Portal software (15 minutes)
    2.                  Download utilitiy files and latest software (5 minutes)
    3.                  Wirelessly re-program each unit (3 minutes per unit)

    COBRA provides downloadable instructions for using the re-programmer in addition to phone / Skype support for upgrading your systems interactively. We'll make sure the process is smooth and everything is performed correctly.

    You are also required to download and install the Synapse Portal software.

    5.0.0 BETA Release

    COBRA is very excited to release the new BETA 5.0 version including several new features, minor improvement and the brand new COBRA Control Panel. For any issues / bugs found in the 5.0 BETA, please email

    For a detailed description of all new features, improvements, and fixes please download the 5.0.0 Release Notes.

    The major new features include:

    • Manual and Scripted MESH
    • 1/100th Second Timing
    • 2nd Alternate Firing Button
    • Control Panel v1.1

    Control Panel major updates include:

    • Improved Device List UI (filtering, sorting, graphing, continuity report, and more...)
    • Improved Show Controls UI (large show clock, larger buttons, added functions)
    • New Manual Firing UI (module and cue labeling, show history, show clock, manual firing during scripted shows)
    • Field Map (module and position control, one-click view into module exceptions, Google Earth satellite background images)
    • Offline Mode for Manual Firing and Field Map setup

    What hardware version am I operating?

    4.0.0 BETA Release

    The COBRA 4.0.0 release includes a number of major and minor updates and introduces the COBRA Control Panel.

    For a detailed description of all new features, improvements, and fixes please download the 4.0.0 Release Notes.

    The major new features include:

    • COBRA Control Panel - The control panel is a downloadable Android app that provides a comprehensive, digital user interface to the 18R2. Learn about all the features in the release notes!
    • Alternate Event Firing - An alternate is a specific channel and cue combination you wish to fire to produce “filler” in a black sky situation.
    • Deadman Functionality - COBRA now has the ability to require a user to either press a defined 18R2 button (118), or hold a newly introduced physical deadman switch.
    • Disable Firing Functionality - You now have the ability to disable firing on all 18M firing modules while the script is running.

    What hardware version am I operating?

    3.0.3 Stable Release

    The following is the current stable COBRA 3.0.3 firmware release.

    Synchronization process change:

    • The remote / module synchronization process has changed slightly in 3.0.3. To sync, press SYNC on both the remote and module at the same time. Before the units sync, "P" will display on the devices. Once synced, you need to re-start the 18R or 18R2. If you are syncing multiple 18M modules, you don't need to re-start the 18R or 18R2 each time you sync an 18M.

    The major improvements include:

    • Audio accuracy - Audio now plays in perfect sync to 18M firing modules. The 350ms manual alignment is no longer required.
    • 320k MP3 audio quality - Audio box now supports the highest quality 320k audio compression. The 128k audio compression is still supported.
    • Manually fire cues while script is running - You can now manually fire cues while a script is running.
    • Fire multiple scripts without disarming - You can now fire multple scripts without disarming and re-arming the 18R2.
    • Syncing process changed - When syncing, the 18R, 18R2 and 18M now display "P" before syncing. Once synced, you are required to re-start the 18R or 18R2. You can sync as many 18M modules to the remote while "P" is displayed on the remote.
    • Sleep mode no longer displays backlight - The 18M sleep mode will last about 25% longer in sleep mode.
    • Sleep mode efficiency improved 25% - The 18M sleep mode will last about 25% longer in sleep mode compared to version 2.1. When asleep, the TEST LED now double blinks vs. the 7-segment --- bars.
    • Manual AUTO-FIRE works past 12 seconds - For manual AUTO-FIRE fixed delay sequences, you can now fire sequences greater than 12 seconds.
    • Reinforced wireless security - General reinforcements in data encryption, data storage, and integrity of wireless communications.

    What hardware version am I operating?


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Wireless Re-Programmer

Wireless Re-Programmer

Wireless Re-Programmer to update all COBRA modules.