COBRA 18R2 - Scripted remote

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COBRA 18R2 - Scripted manual remote

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    COBRA 18R2 - Scripted remote

    Looking to graduate beyond manual firing? The 18R2 boasts all the same features as the COBRA 18R plus a handful of advanced features including a USB port for loading up to 100 pre-defined scripts for automated firing. You can easily create scripts in minutes using Microsoft Excel, COBRA Show Creator, or Finale Fireworks Pro, a powerful visual choreography software for designing firework displays.

    The 18R2 creates new opportunities for small to mid-sized display companies by allowing them to easily, reliabily, and affordably shoot pyromusicals with minimal operator training compared to any other system in the market.

    Model #: COBRA18R2
    # Channels / Unique Cues: 100 Channels (00-99), 1,800 Unique Cues
    Firing Methods: Manual, Step, Sequence (fixed and variable delay), Scripted
    Manual Firing Rate: 10 per second / multi-cue firing
    Range: 1,500+ ft., 500+ m. direct line of site
    Script Limits: 100 max scripts
    1,800 max events
    Concurrent manual and scripted firing supported
    Script Design: Microsoft Excel [ online tutorial | example script ] 
    Finale Fireworks Pro
    Dimensions: Inches: 8.2" x 4.05" x 1.65"
    Centimeters: 20.8cm x 10.3cm x 4.12cm
    Material / Construction: 2.5mm thick high strength ABS
    PCB thermal and impact resistant hard-plate cover
    PU-coated Silicon backlit keypads
    HumiSeal® PCB "gel" conformal coating
    Gold-plated electronic PCB traces
    Dust and moisture resistant design
    Radio Communications: Contains FCC (ID: U90-RF200), CE, IC certified RF module
    Synapse Wireless 802.15.4 RF Transceiver
    2.405GHz - 2.48GHz Spread Spectrum
    20 dBm (100mW) Tx Power Output
    +5dBm 8.5" rubber duck antenna
    Battery Requirements: 3 x AA (standard or re-chargeable)
    7+ hours active operation


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COBRA 18R2 - Scripted remote

COBRA 18R2 - Scripted remote

COBRA 18R2 - Scripted manual remote

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