COBRA Control Panel

COBRA Control Panel ( 2 years license )

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  • COBRA Control Panel

    The control panel is a downloadable Android app that provides a comprehensive, digital user interface to the 18R2. The control panel is a platform for growth that will expand and improve with new features alongside our core product expansion. Included in the license fees are upgrades to new features as they become available.

    What features are included?

    The initial beta release includes following features:

    Device List - A complete list of all connected devices including the 18M Firing Module and COBRA Audio Box. For all devices, the applicable channel, address, key position, mode, signal strength, battery life and detailed continiuty including event descriptions are displayed.  The device list also finds any device exceptions such as low signal, low battery, or missing continuity and displays them to the user. This saves the time of having to find issues by toggling back and forth between channels on the 18R2. Filtering and color coding make the device list fun and easy to use.
    Show Controls - A detailed view into your show as it's firing! Simply select your script, view event details, and press Play when ready to begin your show. As events are fired, the eventt list auto-scrolls and tells you exactly what will fire next. You can even disable autoscrolling and view past or future events while your show is playing. Pause, resume and even "Jump to" a specific event mid-show.
    More to come!  - One of the greatest benefits of the control panel is the continual improvements to features and functionality. The Device List and Show Controls are just the first step.

    What Android devices are supported?

    The Android operating system has a wide variety of devices ranging in both size and performance. Smaller devices such as smartphones will work with the control panel, but may not offer the best navigation of certain features. Tablets, especially 10"+ in size, will offer the optimal size for navigating features and maximizing the amount of information to the user.

    What is a USB to Micro USB OTG Cable?

    The USB to Micro USB OTG Cable allows the 18R2 to act as both a device or a host. Without this cable, the 18R2 won't connect to the control panel. You can purchase this cable directly from COBRA when purchasing the control panel license key, or buy online from a different source. We recommend you purchase the cable from COBRA because some cables have weaker connectors that wear over time. While any connector will wear, we have selected higher quality connectors with taller connection pins to provide a tighter hold to your Android device.


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COBRA Control Panel

COBRA Control Panel

COBRA Control Panel ( 2 years license )