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Shipping in about 7 working days from receipt of payment

XLR kit for COBRA AudioBox module

XLR connectors kit for audio output on Audio Box module

The XLR kit allows you to install 2 XLR audio connectors on the side of your Audiobox module already purchased in the past.

This installation allows you to have more performing audio connectors, with which to connect your Audio Box to the Audio server that you will use for your pyromusical show.

The XLR kit includes:

  • 2 XLR connectors installed on the left side of the AudioBox module

  • Processing

Characteristics of the components:

Male XLR connectors (pair for stereo output)


  • The XLR audio connectors allow greater performance in terms of audio output, as they reduce background noise;

  • XLR connectors are the most common and the quickest to use in setting up the audio system;

  • You can connect the AudioBox directly to your speakers if pre-amped

How is it installed?

The installation of the kit will be carried out by Breena Fireworks in our technical center, upon reservation of the intervention.

Once the modules are received at our warehouse, we will install the kit in the next 7 working days, depending on the extent of the work and we will arrange for the return shipment to your company.

    XLR kit for COBRA AudioBox module

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