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Sweetlight - DMX Software

Sweetlight® DMX software, for controlling and programming DMX devices, flames, sparkular, laser, with timeline for music synchronization.

Sweetlight is a powerful DMX software that allows you to manage lights and sound in many contexts. It can be downloaded to a pc or mac, and works with Sweetlight® DMX interfaces.

Using different graphic interfaces and a simulator, it is possible to create a synchronized show (with the timeline function it is possible to associate and synchronize the effects to the audio tracks) and simulate it to verify its perfect functioning.

Just connect the DMX interface to your system (lights, laser, flames, sparkular ...) and then start the program with a single button.


Professional lighting:

live performances, theaters and synchronized shows.


to better manage lights and music even with long programming.


you can manage flames, lasers, sparkles, lights and dancing fountains, programming a show perfectly synchronized with the music and starting it with just one click, from a PC, remote control or even from your mobile phone!

Where can I download the software?

The software can be downloaded for free from this link , and works with Sweetlight DMX interfaces that you can buy among the products in this category.

How is it activated?

The software is activated automatically when you connect the dmx interface to your PC.

Do you provide assistance?

Technical assistance comes exclusively through the sweetlight forum, where dedicated technicians will quickly answer all your questions for all topics relating to the use of interfaces and software.

Sweetlight - DMX Software

Excluding Sales Tax
  • With Sweetlight software:

    Create your own device library or use those already saved.

    Adjust the levels and timing of each scene

    Draw or upload curves of mobile devices

    Create pixel mapping effects, such as images, texts ...

    Customize the screen with buttons and sliders of your choice

    Organize the scenes in a custom cue list

    Create a timeline synchronized show

    Simulate your show ...

  • Multiple operating systems

    Our DMX control software works on Windows and Mac computers, and the lightshow can be freely exchanged between the two platforms. You are free to switch between Windows and Mac and vice versa.

    Low requirements

    The computer we use for presentations and trade shows is a 2009 Macbook (the old white plastic model with a "Core2Duo" processor), on which our software runs smoothly. There is no need to get a new computer to get the best out of our program.

    Free trial without limitations

    It is possible to download and use our software, thanks to the 3DView program (already included) you can freely design and view a complete lightshow in the 3D model. There are no restrictions; try everything that goes through your head.

    Free DMX fixture profiles

    If your DMX device is not in the list of profiles already available, send a request on our technical forum, our support team will create it for free and in a short time. The section for requesting new profiles is here: new profiles.

    Free updates

    All updates and new versions of the program have been available for free since 1998. Each major new software version is always compatible with our "old" interfaces, at least as long as computer limitations allow it.

    Free Technical Support

    Write any technical questions on our forum , our technical support team will respond in less than 24 hours (based on your country's time zone).
    It is also possible to get in touch with other users on the Facebook Group.


    Our DMX interfaces are contained within a sturdy metal casing. Handling them will not harm them.

    Electrical protection

    A faulty fixture or fixture could send dangerous currents or voltages into the DMX cable which could damage the interface. Our interfaces are equipped with robust electrical protection, they will not be damaged by any dangerous voltage or current.

    USB auto install

    With a Windows computer and an internet connection, connect the interface to the PC and Windows Update will automatically install the driver in seconds. No hassle with drivers; Microsoft® does everything independently.
    On Mac there are no USB drivers, no action is required.

    "Standalone" capability

    If the computer fails during the show, theoretically the lights should go out too. However, our interface is able to automatically take over with dynamic scenes programmed and selected by you, as soon as communication with the PC is interrupted. There will be no blackout.

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