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COBRA 6M - 6-line firing module

COBRA firing module with 6 lines, 100% wireless, rechargeable, radio link, in aluminum

The COBRA 6M firing module is a small Wireless module with 6 firing lines, designed to be used with the 18R and 18R2 radio receivers, compatible with all the other modules of the COBRA system, ideal for all types of fireworks or theatrical shows requiring few lines of fire.

Its small size and its weight of 250gr make it perfect also to be worn on theatrical masks; completely in aluminum it provides maximum resistance in all conditions of use.

It can be managed in manual mode for step-by-step shooting, or in programmed mode for pyromusicals, together with all the other COBRA modules.

Each firing line can be activated several times by also deciding the feeding time, both during the manual firing and in the programmed firing; the 6M module in fact allows you to set for how many seconds or tenths of a second to power each firing line and this makes it ideal for powering flames and CO2 machines with electric or solenoid starters.

Each line is powered by electric pulses of 18 V and 6 A, designed to manage up to 10 electric igniters connected in series and up to 4 electric igniters connected in parallel.
The 18M firing module also supports Filament Electric Clips (Talon).

The COBRA 6M firing module works with firmware 5.1.1 and later.

Each firing module can be set to 99 different channels by simply pressing the + and - buttons on the module; in this way it is possible to manage all the modules simultaneously (firing in parallel), or to manage them individually or single groups. (programmed / semi-programmed / manual / pyromusical shot).
Using the radio remote controls 18R and 18R2 it is possible to manage an unlimited number of firing modules for each channel, allowing the management of 1800 different firing lines for each firing station.

All 6M firing modules are managed via radio, with a bidirectional communication system and with a radio link, which allows continuous control of signal and firing lines; the radio signal has a range of 500 meters in open field, which can be increased according to needs.

The COBRA firing module is powered by a 14.8V 900mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery and is recharged at the power socket as if it were a normal mobile phone.

* The modules are powered by a 14.8V 900mAh rechargeable li-po battery

COBRA 6M - 6-line firing module

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