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COBRA 18S - 18 line slats

18-line slats compatible with COBRA 36M and COBRA 72M module, via cable.

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The COBRA 18S Slat is an 18-line power strip, which can be connected via cable to the COBRA 36M and COBRA 72M firing modules (and 18M module with appropriate adapter).

In this way it is possible to extend the firing lines of the modules, on different positions.

The COBRA 18S Slat is powered exclusively via cable, directly from the module, and allows you to fire simultaneously on multiple positions, the same firing line.

Up to 10 slats can be earthed in series using the specific cable supplied, of different lengths.

The Slats COBRA 18S is the ideal solution when you have to connect single-jets and Roman candles, as, without power supply, it allows you to connect in advance the puffs to the power strip, in turn fixed directly on the plate; this will allow you to save time on setting up.

The Slats COBRA 18S works as a series connection, that is, it allows to extend, for each firing line, a maximum of 10 igniters in series on 10 stations; instead of connecting 10 effects in series and connecting them all on a firing line of the 36M module, it is therefore possible to connect each effect on the firing line of each slat, placing a slat in each launch position.

The slat is powered by the 36M firing module and this allows you to connect the igniters to the power strip already from the starting depot, transporting the effects already connected in complete safety, as there is no power supply on the power strip.

Practical example: if you have to light 10 pyrotechnic boxes to be fired at the same time on 5 positions, then you can connect 2 cakes on the firing line 1 of each slat, and place 5 slats on the ground, that is, one for each launch station.

The power strip has a special protective box, sold separately.


9.25 "x 3.37" (23.4cm x 8.5cm)

    COBRA 18S - 18 line slats

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