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COBRA global control module, including Touch screen, Time Code and internal signal booster.


COBRA COMMAND CENTER is the global management and control system for the entire COBRA firing system.

It consists of a case with pre-installed 18R2 remote control, a 10.1 "Touch screen, a Booster for the radio signal, a Time Code output, an internal 15,000mAh battery that powers the whole system and a 12V charging input. , all assembled in a single and compact COBRA control station.

With this module it is possible to manage all COBRA modules for any type and shooting situation, also having a 12V input available for real-time recharging of the Tablet and the internal remote control.

The usefulness of this module is to be able to control the entire COBRA system, in a single location, also using the touch screen and the relative program already included in the COMMAND CENTER module, which provides a visual control on a touch screen of all data. useful for managing your own show and the modules used.


- Case with aluminum mask and tablet holder;

- 18R2 remote control pre-installed under the aluminum mask;

- 10.1 "tablet (optional, you can also use your own tablet)

- COBRA Control Panel program (lifetime license)

- 15000mAh internal battery, rechargeable (about 40 hours of work)

- 2.5W Signal Booster (increases the radio range)

- Glove compartment

- TIME CODE output (from firmware 5.1.1)

- Exits and technical sockets

- Cable for TABLET connection

- Charging socket

- External antenna


The COBRA COMMAND CENTER works with the entire COBRA system with firmware updated to version 5.0.2 and later; in this case it will be sufficient to synchronize the COMMAND CENTER to its own firing modules, exactly as it is done with the 18R2 remote control.

The touch screen works in sync with the remote control installed, providing a visual interface during all stages of the show (TEST, PROGRAMMING, SHOOT) and the radio signal booster, which can be activated at will at any time, allows you to extend the radio range of the signal if conditions make it necessary.

The COBRA COMMAND CENTER therefore allows you to manage your shows in any situation, providing you with all the necessary controls directly from a single, fully rechargeable control station.

The COBRA COMMAND CENTER module works with firmware update 5.0.2 and later; to add it to your COBRA system, simply update all your modules to firmware 5.0.2 or later; the time code will be used with the release of firmware 5.1.1.

You can entrust Breena Fireworks with updating your modules; for info contact: 3391572365


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  • Immediate Shot

    Unlike other firing systems, the COBRA remote control performs all firings without any delay between the command and the firing itself, with no minimum interval limit between one shot and the next. This guarantees maximum performance and real-time shooting.

    Internal Memory

    The COBRA 18R2 transmitter has an internal memory of 4Mb dedicated exclusively to saving programs and to all firing operations. This allows the remote to show you in real time all the lines already fired, those still to be fired and the one just fired.

    Multiple Shot / Scheduled Shot

    During manual shooting, with the 18R2 receiver it is possible to fire multiple lines at the same time by simply pressing several keys at the same time.

    In the programmed shot it is possible to fire any line / channel combination at any time, giving you the possibility to program any show, even pyromusical, even of considerable complexity, using any combination of channel, line, position and time. It is also possible to program the firing of unlimited lines and channels at the same time.

    Unique Address Modules

    The remote control 18R2 assigns a specific and unique address to each firing module synchronized to it. Through this address (for example A00, A01 .... 999) all the tests of the lines, batteries and radio signal are carried out in rotation, directly from the remote control. This address is also used for the alert communications of the single firing modules, for example when a module has a low battery level or a radio signal below a certain threshold; communications are sent to the remote control in real time, and shown to the operator.


    The 18R2 remote control is equipped with a USB port from which it is possible to load different types of programmed files, to allow you to perform programmed, semi-programmed, STEP-programmed and pyro-musical shows of any complexity and type.
    The file loaded on the remote control is automatically memorized and can contain up to 100 programs, each one that can be recalled through a specific numbering.

    It is possible to create a program using:

    • Microsoft Excel - Completely free, it allows you to create a program from an excel card, saving the program as a .csv file, ready to be loaded on the 18R2.
    • Cobra Show Creator - It is the COBRA program dedicated to the realization of programmed shows, usable with the PC, easy and intuitive.
    • Finale Fireworks - The 18R2 is compatible with Finale Fireworks, the world's best-selling simulator. Program, then export the ready-made file for the COBRA system
    • Show Sim / SW Sim - The 18R2 transmitter is compatible with the Show Sim and SW sim simulators

    Semi Automatic Shot

    With the 18R2 transmitter it is possible to shoot any line manually, even during the execution of a pyromusical or programmed show. For example, if during a pyromusical show the sky remains empty due to a faulty igniter, it is possible to manually shoot any line, in order to trigger emergency effects.

    Multiple Firing Channels

    The COBRA 18R2 transmitter can control firing modules by having 100 dedicated channels. Just set the channel on the transmitter and this will fire all ground modules set to the same channel. This means that it is possible to manage up to 100 firing modules individually, and up to 1000 firing modules simultaneously, on the same channel (1000 firing stations). In total, therefore, a single transmitter can manage up to 10,000 firing modules.

    Two-way Wireless Communication

    The whole COBRA system is managed by a bidirectional radio signal. This allows double communication, from the transmitter to the firing modules and vice versa, in order to obtain a constantly monitored firing system. For example, from the 18R2 transmitter it is possible to check in real time the status of the igniters, the level of the radio signal of each single firing module, the level of the batteries of the modules and any warnings coming from the firing modules (radio signal, batteries , continuity, igniters ...). Any variation of these parameters is detected and shown to the user in real time, which allows you to manage all the parameters of the system in that moment in use without delay

    COBRA technology

    The COBRA system is designed to be the safest firing system in the world. The technology used ensures in every aspect, maximum reliability combined with a very remarkable simplicity of use. The construction philosophy allows to constantly update the system, without the need to replace the modules, through an innovative firing system concept

    • IEEE® Unique MAC Network Address - Each COBRA transmitter is associated with a unique MAC network address, which is stored in memory when each transmitter is built. The MAC address is a string of 16 values, for example: 00.1C.2C.00.00.C0.00.01.
      By performing the transmitter synchronization procedure with the firing module, this MAC address is also stored inside the firing module (it will remain in the memory even after the modules have been switched off), so that the latter responds exclusively to the transmitter that gave that address. This prevents any risk of external interference, making the system absolutely shielded from other nearby radio sources. It is possible to synchronize up to 10000 modules on a single transmitter. When a new synchronization is performed, the previous MAC address is overwritten by the address of the new transmitter, and the firing module will only respond to the new synchronized remote control.

    • 2.4GHz transceiver module - The Cobra 18R2 uses a 2.4GHz radio transceiver component, built by Synapse®, an American industry leader.
    The same technology is applied in airport visual communication systems and in many medical control devices.

    • Redundant technology MOSFETs - The COBRA 18M uses solid state ignition transistors, redundant on both ends of each firing signal. This ensures that no power is supplied to the terminals unless the firing module is cocked, in firing mode, and is actively firing on orders from the transmitter. Redundant FETs provide protection against unintended electrostatic discharge (ESD) and are used to automatically test for damaged or shorted FETs at system startup. If detected, the system automatically disables itself by entering protection mode.

    • FCC, CE and IC Certification RF Modules - The 18R2 contains the Synpase 802.15.4 2.4GHz RF radio transceiver component and certified with the CE and FCC mark: "FCC ID: U9O-SM220".

    Wireless Reliability

    While for many wireless firing systems, the radio signal causes problems and insecurity about the range and intensity, the COBRA system was born wireless, and therefore the entire project was designed to make use absolutely safe and efficient. of wireless firing technology. Here are the features of the COBRA radio system

    • Wide radio range - COBRA guarantees a radio range of 500 meters. This value is provided in compliance with the desire to guarantee a certain and safe radio range. However, the system works with distances over 4 km, in open field conditions and clear line of sight.

    • Radio link - All COBRA modules, thanks to the application of MESH technology, work as a radio link. This means that each module transmits and receives the signal to the next module, allowing you to use the system even in the presence of important obstacles such as the walls of a castle, rocks, buildings, trees ... simply by positioning the modules so that each module can "see "The previous one and the next, so that it can act as a radio signal" repeater ".

    • Repetitive signal. - When the 18R2 transmitter sends a firing signal, it also sends the same signal 12 more times, ensuring that even if the first signal is not read by the receiver, you will have another 12 attempts. This occurs in a thousandth of a second, so the system responds immediately to the firing command, with a delay of zero seconds.

    Backlit keyboard

    The 18R2 receiver is equipped with a backlit keyboard that allows you to perfectly manage the remote control even without the use of a flashlight. The backlight can be activated or deactivated by pressing a suitable button on the transmitter. Each fired line lights up red on the remote, the lines still to be fired light up green. An analog display will give you the indication of the firing channel and all the possible warnings coming from the firing modules.


    The 18R2 is encased in a 2.5mm thick high-strength ABS polymer casing. The whole structure is protected against dust, humidity, water and shocks and fire. The keyboard is made of silicone with high resistance to fire, which protects the internal circuits from external agents.

  • Template :


      Channels / Lines:

    100 channels (00-99), 1,800 dedicated lines

    Shooting Methods:

    Manual, Step, Sequential (variable assigned delay), Scheduled

    Rate for Manual Spero:

    10 per second / multiline shot


    200mt in direct line

    Program Limits:

    100 loadable programs
    1,800 dedicated ignitions
    Simultaneous Programmed and Manual Firing

    Supported Programs:

    Microsoft Excel [online tutorial | example script]
    Final Fireworks Pro


    Inches: 8.2 "x 4.05" x 1.65 "
    Centimeters: 20.8cm x 10.3cm x 4.12cm

    Materials / Construction:

    2.5mm thick high strength ABS
    PCB thermal and impact resistant hard-plate cover
    PU-coated Silicon backlit keypads
    HumiSeal® PCB "gel" conformal coating
    Gold-plated electronic PCB traces
    Dust and moisture resistant design

    Radio communication:

    Contains FCC Certificates (ID: U90-RF200), CE, IC RF Card
    Synapse Wireless 802.15.4 RF Transceiver
    2.405GHz - 2.48GHz Frequency spectrum
    20 dBm (100mW) Tx Output signal
    + 5dBm 8.5 "Antenna


    3 x AA (Normal or rechargeable)
    7+ hours in operation

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