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COBRA Control Panel

Visual management and monitoring system for the COBRA system, with the use of a touch screen (firmware 5.0 and later).

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COBRA Control Panel is the visual monitoring system for the COBRA firing system.

Thanks to this interface, to be installed on your Android device (tablet or mobile phone), you will have in a single screen, all the information of the COBRA modules used on your show!

Just connect your 18R2 remote control to the android device on which you have installed the program, and all the data of the system synchronized on that remote control will be shown in real time on the screen of your android device.

    • By purchasing this product, you will purchase the license key to activate the program. The price does not include the android device.
    • The license does not expire and allows you to access all future system updates.


    All the firing modules synchronized to the 18R2 remote control will be shown on the screen, and for each module the following will be shown: the address, the channel, the battery level, the position of the key (test or arm), the radio signal, the status of the module (armed or on test), connected lines and other useful controls. Furthermore, all possible errors will be reported, such as poor radio signal, low battery level etc ...


      All the programs saved inside the 18R2 are shown on the screen, and from the screen it will be possible to select them, shoot them, pause them and restart them. During the execution of the program, it will be possible to see in real time the progress of the script and all the details of each programming line.


        Supported Operating Systems:

        All android systems (KitKat version 4.4 or higher) and at least 2 GB of Ram.

        Connection - To connect the 18R2 to the Android device you need:

        USB to Micro USB OTG cable + USB-USB cable (not included in the price: they are available at a very low price (3 - 4 euros) in any electronics store.


        To install the program, it is necessary to update the entire COBRA system to firmware version 5.0, then go to the Goolge Play Store and download the COBRA Control Panel application.

        Once this is done, it will be sufficient to install the activation code that we will send you by email.

          COBRA Control Panel

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