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Slat adapter kit for 18M firing modules.

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This connector allows to connect the COBRA Slats (18-line power strips), also to the 18M firing modules; the connector is part of a kit that must be installed on the 18M firing module.

The connector is inserted in place of the last base of the firing lines of the 18M module (lines 13-18), together with new connectors that allow the igniters to be connected to the last 6 lines of the module.

The COBRA slats can thus also be connected via cable to the 18M firing module

The slats have 18 non-programmable lines that fire in parallel with the 18M module

The kit includes:

SLAT connector

electronic boards

bases for firing lines


  • Extends the firing stations: with a single module it is possible to manage more firing stations, simply by connecting the slats in series, one for each firing station

  • Faster system start-up: The slats are powered by the cable module, therefore it is enough to switch on a single module to manage all the other stations. Useful for shooting above bell towers, walls and in positions that are not easily accessible.

  • Faster setup: It is possible to connect the igniters to the slats before transport, as the slats have no battery; during the set-up phase it will be sufficient to connect the various slats with the cable to the 18M firing module.

How is it installed?

The installation of the kit is carried out by Breena Fireworks at its technical center, upon reservation of the intervention.

Once the modules are received at our warehouse, we will install the kit in the next 1-3 working days, depending on the extent of the work and we will arrange for the return shipment to your company.

    Slat connector for 18M modules

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