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Protective COVER for COBRA Cases

Fire resistant glass fiber cover for COBRA firing modules

This special fiberglass cover adapts to the cases of COBRA firing modules, protecting them from damage due to sparks, flames, water, dust and in general from residues deriving from the use of the modules during firing (dust, cardboard, ash, etc. ).

The cover is applied to the case of your COBRA firing module and adapts perfectly to the shape and size of the case; it can also be used with non-original COBRA cases and is equipped with a side hole for the antenna, for maximum ease of use.

Excellent solution even when shooting in the rain, it protects the case from humidity and wind; it is also completely washable with water.

The cover is available in various sizes for 18M / 36M / 72M firing modules, just choose the model directly from this product sheet.

    Protective COVER for COBRA Cases

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