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FireStorm RX18 - 18-line firing module

Firing module with 18 lines for the FireStorm firing system.

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The FireStorm wireless firing system is a resistant, professional and easy to use control unit.

It is designed and manufactured in England to the highest UK quality standards.

It has been specifically designed for the safe, professional and reliable control of fireworks for theatrical performances and for traditional and musical fireworks.

The RX18 control unit is perfect for fireworks, outdoor use, special stage effects or for any application that requires the use of a resistant and reliable firing unit.

The control unit is placed in a compact and very resistant case that allows you to close the lid letting the wires pass.

This offers the most complete protection of the electronic and control components of the firing unit.

The Firestorm controller also has a durable aluminum front panel and its batteries can be easily replaced.

It also has an external power socket that allows you to connect it to a 12 to 24v battery if needed.

This allows you to fire multiple electric igniters in series, or to use energy-intensive appliances such as confetti cannons, solenoid valves, etc.

The RX18 is also equipped with clamps and other parts that are easily replaceable by the user.

The RX18 firing unit can be controlled with the TX1 and TX2 transmitters.


  • Packed in an extra strong case.

  • Control panel in aluminum.

  • Small size (221 x 191 x 99mm) - big enough to be simple to use, yet small and handy to carry and store.

  • Lightweight (1 Kg).

  • The slots in the case allow the wires of the electric triggers to exit even with the lid closed.

  • Two-way communication

  • Antenna connection on the outside of the case.

  • The detachable antenna can be stored inside the case.

  • Metallic ignition key / ARM.

  • Internal continuity test and intelligent self-assessment test.

  • Two 9v batteries, easy to replace.

  • 18V output with 6 amps per firing line (series of 10 electric triggers in series or 4 parallel electric triggers per input).

  • External DC power socket - can be connected to a 12 or 24V battery for greater firing power.

  • Clamps and other user replaceable parts.

FireStorm RX18 - 18-line firing module

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  • Features

    • Water proof resistant closure.

    • Shockproof removable plastic case.

    • Large tactile buttons. Easy to use even when wearing gloves.

    • The screen and indicator lights are readable even in sunlight.

    • 9 channels with 99 entries per channel (891 entries in total).

    • Secure UHF bidirectional communication.

    • Display on the transmitter of the radio signal and of the continuity of the firing lines (igniters TEST)

    • Wide range of action (800M in direct line / 400M from ground level).

    • Replaceable antenna.

    • The custom design protocol allows for instant fire and reaction.

    • Strong and professional construction and structure.

    • Designed and made in the UK.

    • Already used in various high-end movies and television shows.

  • Click HERE to view and download the system data sheet

    Click HERE to view the differences between the 2 Firestorm masters, TX1 and TX2

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