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FireStorm SEQ18 - Universal 18-line pyrotechnic sequencer

Universal pyrotechnic sequencer and 18-line firing system with instructions in Italian.

The FireStorm SEQ18 pyrotechnic sequencer, designed and manufactured in England in compliance with the highest quality standards in the United Kingdom, is a universal sequencer with 18 firing lines, which can be activated via cable from any firing system, can also be used as a manual pyrotechnic control unit with function firing directly from the module (manual STEP or sequential firing).

The SEQ18 sequencer can perform fully customizable sequences in terms of time interval between one line and another, also allowing the firing of all lines or single groups of lines simultaneously.

Each set sequence can be activated with an external impulse coming from any firing system, or from a battery, simply by connecting the sequencer (via cable or twisted pair) to your firing system or battery.

The sequencer can also be used manually, by pressing the FIRE key on the module itself, to manage the sequences or the STEP firing; it is also equipped with an LCD screen with menus completely in Italian.

The SEQ18 sequencer is equipped with a TRIGGER OUT output connection, to connect several sequencers in cascade, one after the other.

The sequncer works with 2 internal rechargeable batteries, and is placed in a compact and very resistant case that allows you to close the lid letting the wires pass. This offers the most complete protection of the electronic and control components of the firing unit.

FIRESTORM SEQ18 also has a durable aluminum front panel and is equipped with clamps and other parts that can be easily replaced by the user.


  • Packed in an extra strong case.

  • Control panel in aluminum.

  • Small size (193 x 130 x 73mm) - big enough to be simple to use, yet small and handy to carry and store.

  • Lightweight (1 Kg).

  • The slots in the case allow the wires of the electric triggers to exit even with the lid closed.

  • Metallic ignition key / ARM.

  • Internal continuity test and intelligent self-assessment test.

  • Two internal and rechargeable 12V batteries

  • 24V output with 6 amps per firing line (series of 10 electrical triggers in series or 4 parallel electrical triggers per input).

  • Clamps and other user replaceable parts.

FIRESTORM SEQ18 - Universal Sequencer with 18 firing lines

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  • Functions

    Activation with external / Manual trigger (from module)

    Constant sequential firing.

    Scheduled sequential firing (customizable delays for each firing line).

    ALL FIRE function - all lines fire simultaneously.

    GROUP FIRE function - groups of lines fire simultaneously.

    Shot at STEP (from external impulse)

    Manual STEP firing (from key on module)

    Storable programs (max 3)

    Sequences that can be activated by external impulse

    Cascade shot (trigger out for connection to other sequencers)

    Screen menu in Italian

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