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Rechargeable battery kit for COBRA 18M modules

Implement your 18M module with an internal rechargeable battery

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The COBRA power supply kit allows you to transform 18M firing modules into 100% rechargeable modules, simply by replacing the 9V battery power supply with a 14.8V Li-Po rechargeable battery.

This transformation can be applied to all COBRA 18M modules already purchased that still do not have the rechargeable battery (from 2017 all modules have the rechargeable battery as standard).

The power kit includes:

  • One 14.8V rechargeable Li-Po battery;

  • A new body for the 18M implemented with the input for charging the module

  • A charger to reload the module

Characteristics of the components:

Battery: 14.8V and 900mAh Li-Po battery


  • Rechargeable battery, recharges the 18M module directly at the power outlet, like a common mobile phone (you will no longer buy 9V batteries)

  • Operating autonomy increased by 60%

  • 10 hours of autonomy in active mode, up to 30 hours in stand-by mode

  • Excellent resistance and operation even at very low temperatures

How is it installed?

The installation of the kit will be performed by Breena Fireworks at our technical center, subject to booking the intervention.

Once the modules are received at our warehouse, we will install the kit in the next 1-3 working days, depending on the extent of the work and we will arrange for the return shipment to your company.

Rechargeable battery kit for COBRA 18M modules

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