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Shipping in about 7 working days from receipt of payment


(requires updating modules to firmware 5.1.1)

TIME CODE implementation kit (input) on master 18R2

This KIT allows to implement the COBRA 18R2 transmitter with the TIME CODE function (SMPTE).

The kit introduces a special input connector from which the COBRA 18R2 receiver can receive the TIMECODE input signal, to be managed simultaneously with other DMX equipment, from a single SMTPE signal.

The KIT can be installed on existing 18R2 transmitters, or it can be ordered as standard in the transmitters still to be purchased; the installation will take place at our technical center and will be performed at the same time as the firmware update of your entire system.

The TIME CODE function is compatible with the firmware update starting from 5.1.1; systems with previous updates will need to be updated to the 5.1.1 operating system

NOTE: The system update has a cost calculated separately and proportional to the number of modules to be updated.

The kit includes:

TIME CODE connector (SMPTE-IN)

electronic boards

sound card for split signal


  • It allows you to manage the COBRA system together with DMX equipment such as: lights, lasers, flames etc ...

  • Single DMX-PYRO control with single TIME CODE signal.

  • Major events: in these contexts all the shows are managed by a single TIME CODE signal and the COBRA system will allow you to operate by adapting to the needs of the event direction.

How is it installed?

The installation of the kit is carried out by Breena Fireworks at its technical center, upon reservation of the intervention.

Once the modules are received at our warehouse, we will install the kit in the next 1-3 working days, depending on the extent of the work and we will arrange for the return shipment to your company.

    TIME CODE implementation kit (SMPTE)

    Excluding Sales Tax
    • Pyromusical management directly from pc / tablet + integration of DMX devices

      Pyromusical management from central audio server (direction) + integration of DMX equipment

    • The COBRA TIME CODE requires the 5.1.1 operating system in order to function; all your modules, including remote controls and audio modules, will need to be updated to Firmware version 5.1.1

      The system update has a cost to be calculated separately and proportional to the number of modules to be updated.

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