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TEST Lamp for Pyrotechnic Control Units

Filament microlamp for TEST with COBRA and Firestorm pyrotechnic control units. Pack of 20 pieces

With this filament micro-lamp it is possible to simulate the firing of your pyrotechnic control units.

Just insert the bulb in place of the electric lighter and then run as many tests as you like.

Arrange your system exactly how you will use it in your show, connect the lamps to the firing lines and then start the simulation!

At each shot the light bulb will light up simulating the ignition of the electric igniter, allowing you to check that the whole system is set exactly as you want.

The lamp is suitable for use with COBRA and Firestorm control units and also with all firing systems that have a voltage on the lines between 12 and 18V.

The package contains 20 bulbs


Diameter: 3mm

Total length: 30mm

TEST Lamp for Pyrotechnic Control Units

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