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COBRA 36M Basic Package

Basic configuration of 36 lines which includes the 18R2 transmitter and 1 36M firing module.

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The COBRA basic package is dedicated to those who wish to approach this firing system for the first time by purchasing the basic configuration of the system (1 firing module and 1 remote control).

The COBRA 36M basic package includes:

1 COBRA 18R2 radio receiver
1 COBRA 36M firing module (rechargeable)

1 Battery charger for 36M

COBRA 36M Basic Package

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  • Multiple Firing Channels

    The 36M firing module has 36 lines divided into two groups (BankA and BankB) and 100 different channels that can be associated with each group of lines. It is possible to fire simultaneously (the same line at the same time) up to 999 modules for each channel. This means that a total of up to 10,000 firing modules can be managed with the same transmitter. It is sufficient to set the same channel on the 36M module (BankA and BankB) and on the remote control; to do this, use the CH + and CH- keys which are present on the module and receiver keyboards.


    The 36M firing module is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 14.8V and 900mAh. This battery guarantees a long operating life of the firing module, which allows up to 10-15 fireworks displays before being recharged again. This battery guarantees perfect operation even in conditions of very low temperatures (down to -25 ° C). The firing module has a stand-by function, which is activated after about 2 minutes of inactivity, and which allows it to remain on even for a very long time without consuming the battery charge; just switch on the transmitter to reactivate the firing module remotely.

    Recharge: the battery is recharged using a charger to be inserted in the upper part of the firing module, as is done for a normal mobile phone.

    External power supply: the 36M module has an input for powering with an external 12/24 V battery.

    Firing lines: the 36M has 36 firing lines with a voltage of 18V and a peak current of 6 Ah. This allows to power up to 10 igniters in series and 3 in parallel on the same line. Using also the external 24V power supply it is possible to switch on up to 20 igniters in series from a single line. The 18M can fire up to 100 lines in one second (1/100 sec between each firing line)

    COBRA technology

    The COBRA system is designed to be the safest firing system in the world. The technology used ensures in every aspect, maximum reliability combined with a very remarkable simplicity of use. The construction philosophy allows to constantly update the system, without the need to replace the modules, through an innovative conception of the firing system

    • IEEE® Unique MAC Network Address - Each COBRA transmitter is associated with a unique MAC network address, which is stored in memory when each individual transmitter is built. The MAC address is a string of 16 values, for example: 00.1C.2C.00.00.C0.00.01.
      By performing the transmitter synchronization procedure with the firing module, this MAC address is also stored inside the firing module (it will remain in the memory even after turning off the modules), so that the latter only responds to the transmitter that gave that address. This prevents any risk of external interference, making the system absolutely shielded from other nearby radio sources. It is possible to synchronize up to 10000 modules on a single transmitter. When a new synchronization is performed, the previous MAC address is overwritten by the address of the new transmitter, and the firing module will only respond to the new synchronized remote control.

    • 2.4GHz transceiver module - The 36M module uses a 2.4GHz radio transceiver component, built by Synapse®, an American industry leader.
    The same technology is applied in airport visual communication systems and in many medical control devices.

    • Redundant technology MOSFETs - The COBRA 36M uses solid state ignition transistors, redundant on both ends of each firing signal. This ensures that no power is supplied to the terminals unless the firing module is cocked, in firing mode, and is actively firing on orders from the transmitter. Redundant FETs provide protection against unintentional electrostatic discharge (ESD) and are used to automatically test for damaged or shorted FETs at system startup. If detected, the system automatically disables itself by entering protection mode.

    • FCC, CE and IC Certification RF Modules - The 36M contains the Synpase 802.15.4 2.4GHz RF radio transceiver component and certified with the CE and FCC mark: "FCC ID: U9O-SM220".

    Wireless Reliability

    While for many wireless firing systems, the radio signal causes problems and insecurity about the range and intensity, the COBRA system was born wireless, and therefore the entire project was created to make use absolutely safe and efficient. of wireless firing technology. Here are the features of the COBRA radio system

    • Wide radio range - COBRA guarantees a radio range of 500 meters. This value is provided in compliance with the desire to guarantee a certain and safe radio range. However, the system works with distances over 4 km, in open field conditions and clear line of sight.

    • Radio link - All COBRA modules, thanks to the application of MESH technology, work as a radio link. This means that each module transmits and receives the signal to the next module, allowing you to use the system even in the presence of important obstacles such as castle walls, rocks, buildings, trees ... simply by positioning the modules so that each module can "see ”The previous one and the next, so that it can act as a radio signal“ repeater ”.

    • Repetitive signal. - When the transmitter sends a firing signal, it also sends the same signal 12 more times, ensuring that even if the first signal is not read by the receiver, you will have another 12 attempts. This occurs in a thousandth of a second, so the system responds immediately to the firing command, with a delay of zero seconds.

    Backlit keyboard

    The 36M receiver is equipped with a backlit keyboard that allows you to perfectly manage the remote control even without the use of a flashlight. The backlight can be activated or deactivated by pressing an appropriate button on the transmitter. Each fired line lights up red on the remote control. An analog display will give you the indication of the firing channel and all the possible warnings coming from the firing modules.


    The 36M is encased in a 2.5mm thick high-strength ABS polymer casing. The whole structure is protected against dust, humidity, water and shocks and fire. The keyboard is made of silicone with high resistance to fire, which protects the internal circuits from external agents.

  • Template



    36 per module

    Radio range:

    500 meters in direct line (which can be increased) + RADIO BRIDGE


    100 settable channels (00-99)

    Batteries / Power:

    1 Li-Po battery of 14.8V and 900mAh for system power
    8-10 hours in active mode
    24+ hours on stand-by

    1 Li-Po battery of 14.8V and 900mAh for the firing lines (18 Volts, 6 Amps)

    Max Electric Igniters

    meters of wire *

    max series

    max parallel **














    Inches: 8.24 "x 6.47" x 1.65 "
    Centimeters: 20.94cm x 16.42cm x 4.12cm

    Materials / Construction:

    2.5mm ABS shockproof material
    PCB thermal and impact resistant hard-plate cover
    "Hot-swap" replaceable 6-cue terminal strips
    PU-coated Silicon backlit keypads
    HumiSeal® PCB "gel" conformal coating
    Gold-plated electronic PCB traces
    Dust and moisture resistant design

    Radio communications:

    Contains FCC (ID: W7Z-ICP0), CE, IC RF card certificates
    California Eastern Labs (CEL) 802.15.4 RF Transceiver
    2.405GHz - 2.48GHz Frequency spectrum
    20 dBm (100mW) Tx Output power
    + 5dBm 8.5 "Antenna

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