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FireStorm 6-Line Basic Package

FireStorm basic kit consisting of TX1 transmitter and RX6 firing module with 6 ignition lines.

(click here for the video)

The 6 firing lines FireStorm basic kit is designed for those approaching this system for the first time and needs few firing lines (for example to light up a writing or light fountains, hearts, waterfalls and theatrical performances).

This package consists of a manual long range radio remote control and a mini 6-line firing module.

The very small size of the firing module (just 12 cm for 263 grams of weight !!), allow you to place it directly on the supporting structure of your writing, or to be able to wear it in case you need to perform a theatrical representation with effects positioned above the mask of the actor.

The kit works with classic 9V batteries; the very low energy consumption of the module allows a long battery life.

The firing module supplies 18V and 6 amps. on the lines, ensuring the ignition of 10 electric igniters in series, and 2 in parallel.

This kit represents the smallest configuration of a firing system, in terms of costs, dimensions and set-up times.

The Firestorm system is designed, designed and built in England, with the CE mark.

FireStorm 6-Line Basic Package

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  • Features

    • Small (120 x 78 x 27 mm excluding antenna).

    • Lightweight (287g including batteries).

    • Durable aluminum closure.

    • Removable antenna.

    • Continuity control LED for firing lines on the control unit.

    • Display on the transmitter of the radio range and of the connected ignitors.

    • Secure UHF bidirectional communication.

    • 18V output with 6 amperes per firing line (10 electric igniters in series or 4 electric igniters in parallel).

    • Wide range of action (800M in direct line / more than 400M from ground level).

    • The custom design protocol allows for instant fire and reaction.

    • Strong and professional construction and structure.

    • Designed and made in the UK.

    • Already used in various high-end movies and television shows.

  • Click HERE to view and download the system data sheet

    Click HERE to view the differences between the 2 Firestorm masters, TX1 and TX2

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