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Frame for pyrotechnic writings - Spolettina®

Aluminum frame for pyrotechnic writings, universal, for letters and numbers - Spolettina®

Universal aluminum frame, Spolettina® brand, to create pyrotechnic writings with letters and numbers.

Each single frame can make all the letters of the alphabet and any number from 0 to 9.

The frame measures 1 meter in height and 0.5 meters in width, and is equipped with special quick hooks for the positioning of 15mm diameter flares.

Each single frame can be hooked to other frames with special supports (optional) in order to create a single structure that contains the writing.

The frame is made of laser-cut aluminum, black color.

The shipping costs depend on your delivery address and the total weight of the package and are displayed in the cart.

Frame for pyrotechnic writings - Spolettina®

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